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Second Brumaire Feature Photo

The Second Brumaire: A Tasting of Natural Wine

Quite by accident I stumbled upon the announcement of an upcoming natural wine tasting in Oakland, California on March 12, 2017. The event, called The Second Brumaire, will be held at the Starline Social Club from 12 – 5 pm, is open to the public and costs $20 to attend. […]

Jansz Premium Rose and Cheese Sables

A Savory Pairing for Your Valentine

Yes, savory. If you’re looking to pair wine with something sweet (other than your Valentine) then you’ve landed on the wrong blog post. Another search will yield lots of articles giving you wine pairings with chocolates or desserts. In fact, you will probably find lots more pairings with something sweet than savory. That’s the very reason I’m suggesting a savory pairing. Well, that plus the fact that a savory pairing with wine is my preference over something sweet. Not that I don’t love sweets, just not with my wine. Please.

Brandade de Morue and Lirac

Brandade de Morue and a Lovely Lirac #winePW

Cindy Rynning who blogs at Grape Experiences, threw down the challenge for this month’s Wine Pairing Weekend group of bloggers: Comfort food and wine. This should have been really easy, who doesn’t love comfort food? I certainly do. The problem for me was choosing just one dish. So many came to mind, I couldn’t focus on just one. I delayed, unable to make a decision, as many other bloggers in the group shared their pairings on our Facebook page. But, for once, procrastination paid off.

Windhoek Featured Photo

Welcome to Namibia: Exploring Windhoek on Foot

That first gin and tonic, sipped in the rooftop bar of the Hilton Windhoek Hotel tasted better than any in recent memory. It wasn’t because the gin was handcrafted in small batches, rather, it was because after 35 hours of travel we had reached our destination. Namibia. We were lured back to Africa by the expansive beauty of the Namib desert and the possibility of viewing desert elephants and black rhinos. We arrived in Namibia’s capital several days ahead of the rest of our travel group so we could do exactly what we were doing at this moment. Relax.

Pascal Janvier Coteaux du Loir and Onion Tart Featured Image

Loire Valley Red Meets Onion and Bacon Tart: When Old Becomes New #winePW

A New Wine for the New Year. That’s the challenge for our January Wine Pairing Weekend group of bloggers from David at Cooking Chat. What better way to celebrate the new year than with a new wine? How about with a new wine and food pairing? David’s January theme was perfectly timed for us as we recently discovered a delicious Loire Valley red wine that represents both a new variety and winery for us. And while the variety may be new to us, it has been planted in the Loire Valley for centuries. We tried a new recipe to pair with the wine and cooked up a delicious dinner for ourselves.

2017 LoCA

2016: A Year in Lodi Wine

Take one 2016 Lodi wine calendar, add a different bottle of Lodi wine for each month and what do you get? An fun wine project resulting in a year-long enjoyment of Lodi wines. The inspiration for this project was a 2016 Lodi wine calendar and two bottles of Lodi wine that we received as gifts from LoCA — the Lodi Winegrape Commission.