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Pascal Janvier Coteaux du Loir and Onion Tart Featured Image

Loire Valley Red Meets Onion and Bacon Tart: When Old Becomes New #winePW

A New Wine for the New Year. That’s the challenge for our January Wine Pairing Weekend group of bloggers from David at Cooking Chat. What better way to celebrate the new year than with a new wine? How about with a new wine and food pairing? David’s January theme was perfectly timed for us as we recently discovered a delicious Loire Valley red wine that represents both a new variety and winery for us. And while the variety may be new to us, it has been planted in the Loire Valley for centuries. We tried a new recipe to pair with the wine and cooked up a delicious dinner for ourselves.

2017 LoCA

2016: A Year in Lodi Wine

Take one 2016 Lodi wine calendar, add a different bottle of Lodi wine for each month and what do you get? An fun wine project resulting in a year-long enjoyment of Lodi wines. The inspiration for this project was a 2016 Lodi wine calendar and two bottles of Lodi wine that we received as gifts from LoCA — the Lodi Winegrape Commission.

Silver Trident Tasting Home

Home For the Holidays: Wine Tasting at Silver Trident Winery

I have a suggestion to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays…go wine tasting at Silver Trident Winery Tasting Home in Yountville. That’s what we did Tuesday evening, where we were guests of the winery at a private event, and it was magical.

Beaujolais Wines

Tasting Beaujolais with Franck Duboeuf

Are you familiar with Beaujolais, the French wine region dedicated to the Gamay grape variety? If you enjoy fruit-forward wines with relatively low alcohol levels, juicy acidity and silky tannins then you really should become acquainted.

We recently participated in a tasting of Beaujolais that demonstrates the range of wine production in the region by a single producer. We received four wines as tasting samples and participated in an online discussion hosted by Charles Communications Associates.

Ehlers Estate Cabernet Franc

An Elegant Cabernet Franc Pairing for #winePW

This month our Wine Pairing Weekend group of food and wine bloggers is celebrating Cabernet Franc. This month’s host, Lori Hoyt Budd, announced the theme in this post on her blog. As a Cabernet Franc lover, winemaker and founder of #CabFrancDay the theme is a natural choice.

Cabernet Franc Wines

A Tasting of Cabernet Franc for #CabFrancDay

Our celebration of Cab Franc Day (#CabFrancDay on Twitter) has spilled over into another blog post complete with tasting notes from last night’s online discussion.