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Champagne for the Holidays and Beyond

My obsession with holiday sparkling wine is, well, bubbling over today with three champagnes. I’ve saved the champagne for last because it’s the standard against which all other sparkling wine is judged and that makes it very special. We received these champagnes as tasting samples. Champagne Boizel Brut Réserve NV — medium yellow in the glass with generous fine bubbles. […]

Just Say Prosecco Please

I never need a reason (excuse) to enjoy a glass of bubbles. We often have a bottle open in our house, but I do admit to enjoying sparkling wine a little more often as the holidays approach. I’m betting I am not alone. Today we’re sharing a group of Prosecco from Mionetto that will serve you well throughout the holidays […]

The One Glass for Wine

How important is the right wine glass to your enjoyment of wine? Do you have a favorite shape of wine glass or favorite brand? I admit that I do have a favorite wine glass, or I thought I did, and the right glass has become an essential part of my wine enjoyment. But, as with wine, I try to keep […]

Kuhlman Cellars: An Introduction to Texas Hill Country Wine

To say there is always something to be learned about wine is an understatement. There are always new grape varieties and wine regions to be discovered. And even in familiar wine regions there are always winemakers making something different that demands to be tasted. We recently made two interesting wine discoveries — Kuhlman Cellars and Texas Hill Country AVA north […]

Sipping West Coast Cabernet Franc for #CabFrancDay

December 4 is #CabFrancDay, a celebration of one of my favorite grape varieties. Because I am such a Cabernet Franc lover, I’m especially happy to participate in this year’s Cab Franc Day celebration. We received two wines, one we know well and the other new to us, as tasting samples. Cheers to Cabernet Franc on December 4 and everyday! Why […]

Giving Thanks and Sharing the Wine

Like a good many people, Peter and I have much to be thankful for. And like most, we feel grateful for our good fortune on a regular basis. As I age I find myself feeling thankful for all kinds of things I didn’t think twice about when I was younger. I no longer take for granted the importance of family, […]

Sparkling Rosé for Your Holiday Table

Hardly a month goes by that I do not enjoy a glass of rosé. I am also very partial to sparkling wine but enjoy it a little less often only because there is so much wine and so little time! This time of year, though, with the holidays upon us, I sip sparkling wine a bit more often and I […]

Sbragia Family Vineyards: A Taste of Dry Creek Valley

Sbragia Family Vineyards has all the elements necessary for an interesting wine story: family-owned vineyards, multi-generational history of winemaking and well-crafted wine. We recently became acquainted with Sbragia Family Vineyards (pronounced SPRA-juh) through a trio of wines sent to us as tasting samples. We are happy to have met and to share these wines with you. The Sbragia family has […]

Happy 100th Birthday to Nino Franco #Valdobbiadene

Nino Franco is celebrating 100 years of winemaking in Valdobbiadene, located in a hilly portion of Veneto, a little over 30 miles from Venice. Nino Franco remains family owned and is now in the capable hands of the fourth generation of the Franco family. We’re celebrating 100 years of Nino Franco with a glass of Nino Franco Rustico and a […]