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Oregon wines re-bottled by Master The World photo

An Exploration of Oregon Wine Beyond Pinot Noir

When I think of Oregon wine my mind automatically goes to Pinot Noir and the Willamette Valley. Without a doubt Pinot Noir is Oregon’s signature variety and the Willamette Valley its best-known wine region, but as I learned during a recent online seminar sponsored by the Oregon Wine Board, Pinot Noir just scratches the surface of an evolving wine scene […]

Franciacorta featured photo

Franciacorta: Sparkling Wine Made Beside Lombardy’s Lake Iseo

I recently had the good fortune to be introduced to Franciacorta. That introduction came by way of a webinar hosted by Napa Valley Wine Academy. Giammario Villa, Master Taster and Franciacorta Brand Ambassador, shared his detailed knowledge of the region and its wines. Peter Marks, MW joined in the discussion. We tasted three styles of Franciacorta, all of which were […]

Kenwood Vineyards Jack London Vineyard featured photo

A Taste of History With Kenwood Vineyards Winemaker Zeke Neeley

I gathered recently with Zeke Neeley, Kenwood Vineyards winemaker, and a group of wine enthusiasts for a virtual tasting of four wines sourced from the historic Jack London Vineyard located on the slopes of Sonoma Mountain. The story that unfolded is one of appreciation for the wilds of Sonoma Mountain, relationships solidified with a handshake and the delicious wine that […]

2020 wines featured photo

2020: Wine That Helped Us Through the Year

It’s hard to remember a year more difficult than 2020. The loss of my parents marked the most sorrowful years for me personally, but collectively this is the most difficult year I can remember. The bad news has continued since February and the worst may not be behind us. Coronavirus, COVID-19, stay-at-home and social distancing became part of my everyday […]

Domaine Bousquet fall featured photo

Falling for Organic Wines from Domaine Bousquet

The number of wines to choose from is literally endless. With so many countries and grape varieties to choose from why drink the same wine twice? Well, especially when you discover a winery making quality wines that suit your palate it’s hard to resist going back to a wine you know you will enjoy. And if that winery also follows […]

Chile Master Class featured photo

A Detailed Look at Wines from Chile

Change is a constant in our world and in the world of wine. It’s probably fair to say that change in younger wine regions is greater than in long-established ones. As viticulturists learn the intricacies of soil and climate, where varieties are planted can change. And viticulturists and winemakers must at least respond to changes in the climate if not […]

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Enhance your Wine Tasting Skills with Master The World

There is nothing as humbling as blind-tasting wine. But along with the humbling experience comes knowledge, if you can get over yourself. I know this from experience. One of the best learning experiences in my wine journey was attending weekly wine tasting at a local wine shop. Every week we tasted six wines, all placed in paper bags (and labeled […]