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Valentine’s Day Wines for Every Meal, Almost

Tomorrow is the big day. Roses will be sent, boxes of chocolates received and meals enjoyed together. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, your spouse, friends or on your own, your Valentine’s Day needs wine and we’re here to help with that. We have five wines to suggest for just about every Valentine’s Day meal and every palate. We received […]

A Selection of Bodega Garzón Wines

Uruguay: A Wine and Food Sampler #winePW

This month’s Wine Pairing Weekend theme takes us to Uruguay, a wine destination that we’ve only briefly explored. Beyond Tannat we have little experience with wines from Uruguay, so this was a welcome opportunity to learn by doing. The theme this month comes to us courtesy of Jill from L’Occasion who is hosting this month’s gathering. The first thing that […]

Fish River Lodge featured photo

Return to Namibia: the Fish River Lodge

As it turns out, one visit to Namibia was not enough. Namibia has everything we enjoy when traveling in Africa: wide-open space, spectacular scenery and wild animal sightings. But it was a discovery we made as we were leaving Namibia on our first visit that made a return trip feel urgent: the Fish River Lodge. This is the brochure that […]

German Wines

Two Styles of German Wine and a Meal for Both #winePW

Every time we participate in a Wine Pairing Weekend (#winePW) event it is a learning experience with regard to pairing food and wine. I learn from my successful pairings and from those that are not so successful. I always learn about wine too. This month’s theme, German Wine Exploration, was particularly challenging for me. I admit to finding German wine […]

Three dry German wines paired with Chicken Piccata

A Preview of Our German Wine Exploration for Wine Pairing Weekend #winePW

The anticipation is building for this Saturday’s Wine Pairing Weekend (aka #winePW) Exploration of German Wines. Behind the scenes we’ve all been very busy. Food and wine pairings have been prepared. Bloggers have taken photos of their delicious pairings, done their research and written posts about their experiences. We will all publish our posts between Friday, December 7 and 8:00 […]

German Wine Exploration

You are Invited to a German Wine Exploration #winePW

The Wine Pairing Weekend (#winePW) group of bloggers is ending another year of monthly wine and food pairing journeys with a stopover in Germany. Every month on the second Saturday of the month we unite around a central theme and a celebration of wine and food ensues. You are cordially invited to join us on our German Wine Exploration commencing […]