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Chalk Hill Estate Sauvignon Blanc featured photo

Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc Paired with Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

There’s nothing quite as satisfying and warming as homemade soup. If the recipe is easy, so much the better. Pair that soup with a delicious white wine and your meal is complete. We recently proved that point after receiving a bottle of Chalk Hill Estate Sauvignon Blanc from the winery as a tasting sample along with a butternut squash harvested […]

Domaine Bousquet fall featured photo

Falling for Organic Wines from Domaine Bousquet

The number of wines to choose from is literally endless. With so many countries and grape varieties to choose from why drink the same wine twice? Well, especially when you discover a winery making quality wines that suit your palate it’s hard to resist going back to a wine you know you will enjoy. And if that winery also follows […]

Chile Master Class featured photo

A Detailed Look at Wines from Chile

Change is a constant in our world and in the world of wine. It’s probably fair to say that change in younger wine regions is greater than in long-established ones. As viticulturists learn the intricacies of soil and climate, where varieties are planted can change. And viticulturists and winemakers must at least respond to changes in the climate if not […]

Wine Tasting Kit from Master The World photo

Enhance your Wine Tasting Skills with Master The World

There is nothing as humbling as blind-tasting wine. But along with the humbling experience comes knowledge, if you can get over yourself. I know this from experience. One of the best learning experiences in my wine journey was attending weekly wine tasting at a local wine shop. Every week we tasted six wines, all placed in paper bags (and labeled […]

Notre Vue featured photo

New Wines from Notre Vue: 2019 GSM Rosé and Chardonnay Musque

Bob and Renée Stein are especially pleased to be releasing their 2019 Notre Vue GSM Rosé and Chardonnay Musque. 2019 was an extremely challenging year that was marked by two fires that struck the Sonoma County property. The first, in May, damaged the tasting room and warehouse. Then the Kincade fire, which started October 23, destroyed an outbuilding, furniture and […]

TerraNoble featured photo

TerraNoble: A Fresh Version of Carmenere from Chile

The first versions of Chilean Carmenere I tasted years ago were often characterized by generous fruit flavors, dense color, chewy texture and distinctive flavors of jalapeño or green bell pepper. Those flavors of jalapeño and bell pepper were pleasing in moderation, but I found them overwhelming in many versions of the variety. Recently I was re-introduced to Chilean Carmenere from […]

Elden Selections featured photo

Elden Selections: Burgundy Specialists at Your Service

Eleanor Garvin and Dennis Sherman traveled to France from Maryland on one-way tickets in 1983 and cooked their way through several wine regions before permanently settling in Burgundy. Could there be a better way to learn about the food and wine of France and Burgundy in particular? I don’t think so. That knowledge, accumulated over 30 years spent getting to […]