Sample Policy

At Pullthatcork we do accept free or discounted samples of wine and wine related accessories or trips.

We will make every effort to post a fair review in a timely manner.

We don’t score wines, we post our tasting notes and may recommend or not recommend your wine.

If we feel a wine is particularly bad, in other words not only did we not like it but we don’t think anyone else will either, we will let you take a look at the review before it is posted. We may, at our discretion, post your comments about the wine if you disagree with us. If the wine is spoiled, corked, etc. we will let you know and will not post the review.

For accessories, we will try to create as fair a test as possible and publish our findings. If we don’t feel the accessory works well we will give you a chance to look at the review before posting in case we have used or tested your product incorrectly.

Feel free to link to any of our reviews of your product.

All reviews of samples will be noted as sample or discount was received.

We are not out to make anyone look bad, we just love wine and want to have fun. We are easy to work with and can help you publicize your product.

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