A Taste of Sicily: Gurrieri Frappato

Unless you are familiar with Sicilian wines you might not be acquainted with the Frappato grape variety. It is indigenous to the southeastern corner of Sicily near Siracusa and Vittoria where it is mainly used as a blending partner for Nero d’Avola in Cerasuolo di Vittoria — Sicily’s only DOCG wine. But Frappato can also stand on its own as a varietal wine, as the Gurrieri Frappato proves. We received this wine as a tasting sample.

Photo of wine bottle label and glass of 2022 Gurrieri Frappato, Terre Siciliane IGT
2022 Gurrieri Frappato, Terre Siciliane IGT

2022 Gurrieri Frappato, Terre Siciliane IGTtranslucent ruby with aromas of red and dark cherries, raspberries and hints of coffee. Flavors include cherries, raspberries and dried tobacco leaf in a barely medium body with fresh acidity. Tannins are fine and slightly drying. 12.5% abv. SRP $25.99

Prepare to be charmed by this wine, which is 100% Frappato. It is light on its feet with pleasing flavors and smooth but drying tannins. If you enjoy a lighter style of red wine this will please you. It’s delicious at room temperature, but I prefer it slightly chilled. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a light meal or a good book in the early evening.

If the flavors don’t charm you, maybe the fact that the wine is certified organic by ICEA (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture), by the European Union’s Bioagricert, and is grown in a small vineyard by a family who has been growing grapes for at least 50 years, will. According to the US importer, Mucci Imports, after growing only table grapes the family also planted a few small plots of Nero D’Avola, Frappato and Grillo. Vincenzo Gurrieri established the table grape vineyards and his son, Giovanni, made the family’s first wines in 2010.

Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0 has become my new go-to resource for all things related to Italian wine. I particularly appreciate the Must-Know Native and Traditional Varieties section of the book that gives a quick synopsis of Italy’s many grape varieties.

According to Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0, plantings of Frappato in Sicily are very small, “less than Nerello Mascalese’s 2%”. Frappato is an offspring of Sangiovese and makes a similarly light-colored wine with plenty of fruit flavors, tame tannins and good acidity. Describes this wine perfectly. It’s really delicious. In spite of the low acreage, you will find varietal bottling of Frappato made by several of Sicily best-known wineries and some small, lesser-known wineries too.

Thanks to Colangelo & Partners for organizing our tasting.


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  1. Wow, this wine really takes me on a journey to the rolling hills of Sicily! The Frappato grape variety is new to me, but I can absolutely appreciate its bright acidity and red fruit flavors. The perfect pairing for a hearty Sicilian dish, I would love to try this wine with a traditional pasta al pomodoro. Thank you for sharing your travels and this delightful discovery!

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