Wine Wherever iPhone App

We were planning a trip to Oregon’s Willamette Valley a while back and I wanted to get a map of the wineries so I could plan our tasting. Then I thought I should look in the App Store first and see what I could find. I ran across an app called Wine Wherever by Publishing Syndicate. They have separate apps for all of the California regions, Oregon, Washington, New York and Texas. What a handy app it turned out to be. There is a complete list of wineries in the region which can be listed alphabetical or by region or city. There is also a list of the winery associations in the area.

UPDATE: They have now combined all of the regions into a single App. Just select the region you want and go wine tasting!

Once you have selected a winery, you can map it with one touch and drive right to it. After you have arrived, you can use the Journal function to add notes, pictures, date you visited and ratings of the wines for future reference. The web site and phone number of the winery is listed and you can call without leaving the app. Some wineries have coupons or discounts and these are listed in the app. Just show it to the winery for the deal. You can even use the “Nearby Wineries” function to see where the next closest winery to you is.

And the best part of the app is that it is FREE! We used it a lot in Oregon and it worked great.