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Live Wine Blogging at #WBC16 — not for the faint of palate

How do I most enjoy a glass of wine? With a leisurely meal, always. On a warm afternoon sitting in the shade after finishing the yard work. Give me a glass of red wine on a chilly evening as I watch the flames of a fire in the fireplace and I’m a happy gal. I like to take my time with a glass of wine; to pay attention to how it changes in the glass over time. Quality is much more important than quantity.


Mining for Wine Gold in Amador County — on the Way to the Lodi Wine Bloggers Conference

When we learned the Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC16) would be held in Lodi, August 11 – 14, 2016, we were thrilled. Not only are there lots of exciting things happening in the Lodi wine world these days, but the drive to Lodi from our home is only 20 minutes. It would be the shortest travel time we would ever have to a WBC. As it turned out our drive was a bit longer than expected because we took a very enjoyable detour through Amador County wine country.