Author: Nancy (CSW)

Celebrating Wines From South Africa

We recently had the opportunity to taste six wines from South Africa, many of which were new to us. We joined together with other participants via Twitter to discuss the wines. The event was sponsored by Whole Foods Market as part of their promotion of Wines of South Africa. Tasting new wines always provides the opportunity to learn about the location and history of the producing wineries. I enjoy this part almost as much as sipping the wine.

Wilhelm Family Vineyards — Elgin, Arizona

Karyl Wilhelm, winemaker at Wilhelm Family Vineyards, is a woman on a mission. She makes an astonishing number and variety of wines. Her husband, Kevin, is the vineyard manager. They planted their vineyard in 2005. The quality and quantity of their vineyard has improved every year as Kevin learns what works best in the vineyard.

Finger Lakes Rieslings 2012 Vintage Launch

We recently participated in an online tasting of 2012 Finger Lakes Rieslings. It was an informative conversation with the winemakers who talked about the vintage and the production of their Riesling. We were sent five 2012 Rieslings to taste as we listened to the winemakers and tweeted our thoughts and questions. It was a fun and informative format.

Dos Cabezas WineWorks – Sonoita, Arizona

This was our second visit to Dos Cabezas WineWorks. In 2011 it was the first Arizona winery we visited on our first tour of the Sonoita wine area. Six wines were on their tasting sheet that August, all red, one a fortified dessert wine. This year we enjoyed tasting through the since-expanded tasting sheet, eleven wines in all.

Willcox Wined-Up

A day and a half in Willcox was not enough. It gave us just enough time to get the lay of the land, explore the historic downtown portion of Willcox and make a couple of winery visits. We weren’t able to visit all of the wineries we wanted to. That leaves us lots to do on our next visit to Cochise County. Here’s a wrap-up of our wine tasting trip to Willcox, Arizona.