Author: Nancy (CSW)

Welcome To Willcox…Arizona

Where is Willcox and why did you go there, you might ask. We love wine and we love visiting Arizona. Turns out, those two things are not mutually exclusive. Join us as we explore this picturesque town located in Cochise County in the southeastern corner of Arizona.

Wines From Purple Wine Company

Almost everyone looks for good value with every purchase they make. Wine is no exception. Do we all enjoy those special $40 and above wines? Absolutely. But the reality is most of us cannot afford to drink them on a daily basis. So, we look for the best value possible for our every day wines, so we can still afford to drink those more expensive wines for special occasions. Purple Wine Company knows this about us. And to that end, have produced a line of inexpensive, everyday wines for us to enjoy.

Wine and Music — Of Course They Go Together

Karl Wente is fifth-generation winemaker at Wente Vineyards, and was recently named in Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s 40 Under 40: America’s Tastemakers. Winemaking isn’t Karl’s only passion, he also has a serious interest in music. Let’s see how wine and music go together.

Santa Barbara White Wines With #winechat

We recently had the opportunity to taste a selection of six white wines courtesy of the Santa Barbara County Vintners’ Association as part of #winechat on Twitter. The timing could not have been more perfect. With summer temperatures well into the “hot” range, white wines are definitely in order.

Allegrini Estates – A Family of Red Wines From Northeastern Italy

Allegrini Estates a large wine producer by almost any standard (1 million cases per year), is a family-woned winery with a long history. The estate was founded in 1858, though family winemaking dates back 500 years. Production has been handed down through the generations since. The estate is located in the village of Fumane within Valpolicella Classico, near the city of Verona in northeastern Italy (find Venice and go due west to find Valpolicella).

Okanagan Valley Wines – A Tasting at Home

During the excursion we took prior to the Wine Bloggers’ Conference 2013 (WBC13) in Penticton, British Columbia, we tasted wine at three wineries in the Kelowna area. We wrote about those winery visits in prior posts. During the tastings, we collected a few wines to take home with us. We did so with the idea of sharing them with the wine tasting group on Thursday nights at Fine Wines of Stockton. George and Gail gave Pete the floor for the tasting last Thursday night.

A Potpourri of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is among my very favorite wine varietals. It’s one of the first red wines I learned to identify reliably by scent. I love that bramble, earth-scented nose. Berry, tart cherries and mushroom flavors with a light weight in the mouth, and that transparent ruby color in the glass, seal the deal for me. I prefer a lighter, less rip style of Pinot Noir, but have respect for a riper style as well.