Author: Nancy (CSW)

Fall Napa Valley Wine Tasting

On a recent weekday I spent a day wine tasting in Napa Valley with a group of friends. The weather was warm for December, in the mid 60s, and mostly overcast. The drive from Stockton to Napa takes us through the San Francisco Bay Delta.

Bokisch Vineyards – Lodi Spanish Varietals

The Thursday night tasting at Fine Wines of Stockton featured Bokisch Vineyards of Lodi. Liz and Marcus Bokisch poured their wines and gave us all kinds of information about their winery, their growing practices and about the origin of their vines.

Discovering the Wines of Languedoc

Pete and I had a great introduction to the wines the Languedoc region of France during the Wine Bloggers Conference in August. This made us curious about the region, its climate and food as well. We decided to build a wine and food tasting from this experience.