Author: Nancy (CSW)

Amarone Confidential featured photo of book cover

A Wine Book Review: Amarone Confidential – Everything You Should Know About Valpolicella Wines

Amarone Confidential is an e-book written by Elisabetta Tosi that gives you a local’s perspective on Valpolicella, its wine and Amarone in particular. Elisabetta tells the story of Amarone by first introducing you to Valpolicella – the place where Amarone is made. Valpolicella is also where Elisabetta lives, so her account is firsthand. And the question and answer format of […]

Featured photo Geisen 0% Sparkling Brut bottles, glass and cork on a table

A Tasting of New Zealand’s Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut

No and low-alcohol wines are having something of a moment. There are more options than ever for those looking to eliminate or significantly reduce their alcohol consumption without completely abstaining from wine. Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is one such wine. We received this wine as a tasting sample. Giesen Wines was founded by three brothers who immigrated to New Zealand […]

Photo of BARRA of Mendocino Fall 2023 Release Reserve Wines on a table

BARRA of Mendocino — Blending Family and Certified Organic Wines

How do you choose the wines you purchase? We all have different criteria, but the bottom line is the wine must taste good and it must be affordable. Wines made by BARRA of Mendocino definitely fulfill both of those requirements, and you get organic certification, family ownership and attractive labels for no extra charge! Today we’re tasting three new reserve […]

Featured photo of Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri and Bolgheri Superiore on table with trees in the background

Brunello + Bolgheri: A Taste of Tuscany’s Old and New

The story of Brunello di Montalcino and Bolgheri wines provide an interesting contrast between Tuscan regions that have achieved their prestige in very different ways — one through the embrace of tradition and a local variety and the other by throwing off tradition and embracing international varieties. The wines are very different, as you would expect. We received these wines […]

Photo of two Limoux sparkling wines made by Domaines Paul Mas on table with garden in background

Limoux Sparkling Wine: Bubbles and History in Your Glass

I think we can all agree that anytime is the perfect time for a glass of sparkling wine but, practically speaking, most of us are going to have more opportunities to enjoy sparkling wine as the holidays approach. This year, why not choose a sparkling wine with an interesting backstory in addition to those lively bubbles? Why not choose Limoux?  […]

Photo of Passione Sentimento Bianco and Rosso on table with garden in the background

Pasqua’s Romeo & Juliet Passione Sentimento: A Nod to Star-Crossed Lovers

I find the labels on Famiglia Pasqua’s Romeo & Juliet Passione Sentimento artful and appealing. The label art comes from the entrance wall to Juliet’s Verona home that for many years was used by visitors to write love messages. Both blends are equally appealing for their taste and price; we received them as tasing samples. Pasqua’s home is in Verona, […]

Photo of Copain blended wines on table with garden in background

Copain Wines And the Art of Blending

I most closely associate Copain Wines with vineyard-designate Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah. During a recent tasting at Copain, a vineyard-designate Grenache was also on the tasting menu. And, the tasting began inside with a sip of Picpoul Blanc to accompany us to our seated tasting on the patio. The tasting paired five wines with small bites and was a […]

El Coto de Rioja Blanco, Rosado, Crianza wines pictured on table with garden in background

El Coto de Rioja: La Rioja’s Largest Winegrower

Every winery has a unique story. Sometimes it’s the story of a winemaker who owns a small winery making wine from just a few acres of vines they might not even own. The story of El Coto de Rioja is the opposite — it is the story of the largest winegrower in DOCa Rioja (their own estimate) with wineries and […]