Author: Nancy (CSW)

Sipping Wine Around Australia featured photo

Sipping Australian Wine

Most of Australia is far too hot and dry to support vineyards, but many coastal areas are well suited to viticulture and this is where most of Australia’s wine regions are located. As you might imagine in a country the size of Australia there is a big range of climates and soil types as well as grape varieties. All of […]

Roxanich Ines featured photo

Roxanich Ines U Bijelom Cuvée 2010

I experienced a crazy TV moment last week while watching the new season of the Netflix original series, Dead to Me. In the first episode of the second season orange wine is prominently mentioned. Granted, neither of the characters discussing orange wine knew what it was, but it got a mention. I guess that means at least scriptwriters have been […]

Merry Edwards Pinot Noir featured photo

A Taste of Merry Edwards Pinot Noir

Today we’re sipping Pinot Noir, which is one of my favorite varieties. Pinot Noir can be anything from weightless and etherial in the glass to medium bodied and brooding, which is part of the charm of this variety for me. These two expressions of Merry Edwards Pinot Noir, sent to us as tasting samples, are distinctly different.   Merry Edwards […]

Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc featured photo

Celebrate #SauvBlancDay with Merry Edwards

All around the world wine lovers are sipping extra Sauvignon Blanc today in celebration of International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Warm and sunny weather has put us in the mood to pour a splash of Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc and join the fun. We received this wine as a tasting sample. 2018 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County […]

2018 Jolie-Laide Pinot Gris

My early experience with Pinot Gris was underwhelming. Then I discovered skin-contact Pinot Gris and a whole world of gorgeous, delicious Pinot Gris opened up to me. I haven’t looked back and almost never pass up the opportunity to taste one. Joile-Laide Pinot Gris is my most recent find, a wine we purchased through a wine club called The Outliers. […]

Tasmanian Chardonnay and Pinot Noir featured photo

An Introduction to Tasmanian Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Tasmania lies off Australia’s south coast and is separated from the rest of Australia by Bass Strait. The Australian island state is cool, windswept and largely wild. Tasmania is home to a small wine industry defined by one GI (geographical indication), Tasmania, and seven informal wine growing regions. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the two most-planted varieties, so they are […]

Lodi Rules featured photo

Sipping LODI RULES Sustainable Wine for #EarthDay

As wine consumers, many of us may have only begun to think about sustainability in the vineyard and the winery. Wine grape growers and winemakers have had sustainability on their minds for some time and those in the Lodi wine region have been in the forefront of establishing a certified sustainability program. LODI RULES for Sustainable Winegrowing is California’s original […]

Benziger wine featured photo

Benziger Family Winery Celebrates 20 Years of Biodynamic Certification

The Benziger family is a large and raucous group according to Chris Benziger of Benziger Family Winery. Political points of view differ, but the Benzigers are united in their dedication to sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture and winemaking. They were early adopters of these principles in Sonoma County and this year are celebrating 20 years of Demeter Biodynamic® certification. We […]

World Malbec Day featured photo

Celebrate #MalbecWorldDay with Amalaya and Colomé

Yay, it’s time for another wine day! April 17 is the day set aside for a little extra Argentine Malbec love. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to sip this dark, aromatic wine that has become synonymous with Argentina just about anytime, but especially when we are grilling a steak or burgers. Today we are sipping three fine […]

Hunter wine region featured photo

Welcome to Australia’s Hunter Wine Region

In October 2019 we traveled to Australia for the first time. We discovered a beautiful country with varied landscape and very friendly people. I’m happier now than I could have imagined that we made the trip. The impetus for our visit was the Wine Media Conference held in the Hunter wine region. We gathered for three days at the Crowne […]