Prosecco: Bubbly for Any Occasion or None at All

Prosecco has many appealing qualities beginning with those delightful bubbles that always feel celebratory — even if it’s just a mid-week meal at home. Their light, fruit flavors make them a good accompaniment to appetizers or a light meal especially in warmer weather. Then there’s Prosecco’s affordability, which means we can enjoy them without breaking the bank and use them to make a cocktail without guilt. Somehow I am never inclined to use an expensive traditional method sparkling wine to make a cocktail. A final benefit is low alcohol, which Prosecco has in common with many other sparkling wines.

Today we’re tasting two Prosecco DOC wines, one white, one rosé, both of which we received as tasting samples

Prosecco may be made in all of Friuli–Venezia Giulia and parts of Veneto in northeastern Italy. The white grape variety, Glera, is the main grape variety in Prosecco’s wines. Other white grape varieties, and the red grape Pinot Nero made as a white wine, are allowed blending partners with Glera.

Rosé Prosecco has been made for many years in the region, but was only officially included in the Prosecco DOC in late 2020. Before that time the pink sparklers couldn’t be called Prosecco. Glera is the main blending grape for rosé Prosecco, but in addition to the other white grape varieties allowed in white Prosecco, Pinot Nero made as a red wine is also allowed. You will also see a vintage date on rosé Prosecco. Sparkling Prosecco DOC wines must be made in pressurized tanks to create the bubbles, rather than in the bottle as with the traditional method.

A small amount of Prosecco bottled as a still white wine is also made, but I don’t recall ever seeing or tasting one.

Let’s Taste

Photo of wine bottle label of Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC
Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC

Valdo Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOCpale yellow with small, foamy bubbles. Aromas include white flowers and ripe pears. The flavors follow the aromas with white flowers and pears. The bubbles are soft and mouth-filling. The finish is juicy. 11% abv. SRP $16

2023 Brilla! Prosecco DOC Rosédelicate ballet slipper pink with generous foamy bubbles. Aromas are perfumed with roses and white flowers. Flavors include ripe berries, white flowers and citrus zest. The bubbles are soft and mouth-filling. The wine has good acidity and the sensation of very slight sweetness. 11% abv. SRP $15

Look for Prosecco DOC promotion campaigns at restaurants and retail establishments before and during the week of June 24-30, 2024, declared as National Prosecco Week by the Prosecco DOC Consortium. You may even see some posts on social media about the celebration.

Thanks to Colangelo & Partners for organizing our tasting.



  1. We could all use a good Prosecco from time to time! Wonderful reminder and read Nancy!

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