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Three Albarinos from Bokisch Vineyards

Three Expressions of Albariño from Bokisch Vineyards

It’s all in the dirt. That’s essentially what Bokisch Vineyards’ winemaker Elise Perry told us yesterday during a quick conversation about the unique expression of the three Albariños we had just tasted in the Bokisch Vineyards Atkins Road tasting room. Each Albariño is sourced from a different vineyard; two are located in the Lodi AVA and the third is located […]

Mettler 2016 Albarino

Let’s Celebrate Albariño! #AlbarinoFiesta

Almost every day is a wine day for us, so we are always ready for a wine day celebration. By that I mean a day specifically designated by an organization or individual on which to celebrate a specific varietal wine or just wine in general. These celebrations often involve special events and lots of sharing on social media with the […]

Fine Wines of Stockton

Oh No, My Local Wine Shop Is Closing!

To some in the city where I live the closing of Fine Wines of Stockton will go unnoticed. To frequent customers of Lincoln Center the closing of Fine Wines may mean just an empty storefront. Those who appreciate fine wine will certainly notice. To the regular customers of Fine Wines the loss will be more acute. With the shuttering of […]

ArrowandBranch featured

Arrow&Branch: A Numismatist’s Winemaking Dream

Numismatist. Not your everyday word. Thanks to Steve and Seanne Contursi, the creative couple behind Arrow&Branch winery, I recently learned the meaning of this difficult-to-pronounce word and had the opportunity to taste their Arrow&Branch wines. It is because of Steve’s success as a numismatist (a coin collector and trader) that the Contursis are able to realize their dream of owning […]