2016: A Year in Lodi Wine


Last December we received an unexpected gift from LoCA — the Lodi Winegrape Commission. In mid-December a box arrived containing two Lodi wines and a 2016 calendar. As you might expect, the calendar had a wine theme. Each month was graced with a beautiful photo of a Lodi vineyard scene. Those two wines and that beautiful Lodi calendar inspired me to embark on a little project that provided us with an entire year of Lodi wine enjoyment.

Every month during 2016 I found a different Lodi wine to photograph with the calendar. Some of our favorite Lodi producers are among those wines, several were new to us and we even found some new favorites. It was a fun exercise that kept me thinking of Lodi wines the whole year. The folks at LoCA are very clever that way!

Below is a gallery of the Lodi wines we chose during 2016.

Last week we were fortunate to once again receive a box from LoCA containing two bottles of Lodi wine and a beautiful 2017 Lodi calendar. I have already set a new challenge for our 2017: A Year in Lodi Wines project. With over 100 wine grape varieties being grown in the Lodi AVA (American Viticultural Area) and more than 80 wineries to visit we will have lots of choices in Lodi wines. Now I can hardly wait for 2017 to begin.

Many thanks to the folks at LoCA.

Happy New Year!


  1. Great project! Love this idea! And it could be replicated for many regions around the world!

  2. How awesome! What a great “challenge” for yourself.