It’s A Road Trip!

This Saturday Dave, Pete and I took a ride into San Francisco. Our primary destination was K&L Wines. They have an extensive selection of wine, organized by region. We entered via South America and didn’t leave until we got to France. We came home with a nice collection of wines, some of which we know and some that are K&L staff recommendations. Among our selection is a Cahors, which is a French Malbec and something we have never tried. France is actually where the Argentinian Malbecs came from. We will write about it when we taste it. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful.

One section contains older wines. Included was a collection of Kistler Chardonnay back to 1997. When we were in Santa Barbara earlier this summer, a local at a wonderful restaurant, Petit Valentien, shared a 2001 with us. It was quite a treat.

With our purchases safely packed in Dave’s car we were off to Union Square for lunch and shopping–not in that order! Pete and Dave headed to the Apple store for iTherapy while I headed off for apparel therapy. We met for lunch at Frontera Fresco in the Macy’s Union Square food court. Can I just say yum! The tacos were killer and the tamales were amazing. We need to check our Rick Bayless cookbook for the recipes.

After eating lunch and playing with our toys, we headed for home. Dave was heading for a wine event that evening at Pasos Winery and we were going to stay home and enjoy some wine.. What a perfect day! As Dave put it we had the perfect “me day”.

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