Grilled Halibut

For our Monday dinner we decided to grill some halibut with some mesquite wood, actually regular charcoal with some mesquite added. I like to take a filet with the skin on (also works for salmon too) and lay it on a hot grill skin side down. Then I put the cover on and never turn it over. Depending on how thick the filet is it could take 10 to20 minutes and cooks perfectly. You don’t have to turn it over and have it break up. My sister, Alice, does it similarly but puts it flesh side down first just long enough to get some grill marks and then puts it skin side down. Nancy made a salad with our tomatoes and some avocado and also served potatoes she first steamed and then sauteed. She also sauteed some green beans with some thinly sliced red onions.

Dave brought a 2005 Spindrift Cellars Reserve Pinot Noir (14.6% alc.) from the Willamette Valley. Spindrift Cellars is in Philomath near Corvallis and the southern end of the appellation. Maybe a little bigger wine than you want for halibut but not totally overwhelming. The wine was pretty typical of a Pinot and was done in a Burgundian style. A light garnet color with an earthy smokey nose with a little fruit. The tannins were very light and well integrated and balanced with the amount of acid. Initially the flavor consisted of blue berries, muted cherries and a little earthy smokiness with a somewhat short to medium finish. I initially thought the wine was a little simple but it started evolving as it sat in the glass. The nose got smokier with some tobacco and the flavor continued to become more complex. We probably should have decanted this wine for a hour before drinking.

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