Cellar Notes

Notes about the wines we have tried recently.

Arrogant Frog Paul Mas featured photo

A Taste of Domaines Paul Mas

Our Cellar Note for today takes us to the sunny, southern French region of Languedoc for a small taste of wine from a large portfolio of wines produced by Domaines Paul Mas. Who couldn’t use a little ray of sunshine in winter? We received all three wines as tasting samples. Domaines Paul Mas produces a broad portfolio of wines in […]

Ferraton wines featured photo

Rhône Reds from Ferraton Père & Fils

Today’s Cellar Note takes us to the the Rhône Valley in France and a taste of two wines from Ferraton Père & Fils, both of which we received as tasting samples. These wines are part of the négociant range of wines produced by Ferraton Père & Fils, which was founded in 1946 by Jean Orëns Ferraton. Ferraton has been owned […]

Champagne Bruno Paillard and crab salad

Champagne Bruno Paillard Première Cuvée MV

I freely admit I love bubbles and, more specifically, Champagne. It is a classic, and therefore the standard against which all sparkling wine is judged. Champagne is beautiful in the glass. Watching those tiny bubbles rise to the top of the golden liquid can be mesmerizing. As much as I enjoy watching a glass of Champagne, I would much rather […]

Parducci 85 featured photo

Parducci Wine Cellars Celebrates 85 Years of Winemaking

Parducci Wine Cellars was founded in 1921, making it the oldest winery in Mendocino County still making wine. That milestone is being celebrated with the release of 85, which also honors John Parducci who was known as Mr. Mendocino. Parducci was a lover of Petit Sirah so, as part of the celebration, a vertical of Parducci True Grit Petite Sirah […]

Crowded House and Catalina Sounds featured photo

A Taste of New Zealand’s Marlborough Wine Region

According to New Zealand Wine, Marlborough is home to 2/3 of New Zealand’s vineyard acreage. Sauvignon Blanc comprises almost 80% of plantings, with Pinot Noir coming in second followed by aromatic white varieties and Chardonnay. Marlborough has three sub-regions: Southern Valleys, Wairau Valley and Awatere Valley. Sunshine, moderate temperatures and significant diurnal temperature shifts are characteristic of the region. Soils […]

Hess Collection featured photo

The Hess Collection: New Releases

We recently received three wines from the Hess Collection’s new vintage release as tasting samples, giving us the opportunity to share our tasting notes and a brief history of the property. This tasting offers a tour of Hess Family Wine Estates’ Napa Valley vineyards as well. After tasting these wines I feel the need to visit the historic, family-owned property […]

Vermut Lustau featured photo

Vermut Lustau: Sherry Vermouth You Must Try

Josh placed a small wine glass containing a generous taste of a chestnut-colored liquid on our table and stood back. This was a surprise, we hadn’t ordered another wine. After a pause, Josh said, “Taste this. If you can tell me what it is, I will buy your dessert.” Pete and I looked at each other and smiled. We had […]

Bervini 1955 featured photo

Bervini 1955 Prosecco & Rosé Spumante

Bubbles. Who doesn’t love them? The lively effervesce that comes with a sparkling wine is an excellent way to introduce a bit of variety into your wine enjoyment. And, in general they’re very versatile food partners. We recently had the opportunity to taste two sparkling wines, which we received as tasting samples, made by Bervini 1955. The winery is located […]

Locations NZ featured photo

Locations NZ6: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

When it comes to identifying a grape variety by the aromas that waft from a glass of wine I am not the most proficient. I am always willing to give it the old college try but, in all honesty, there are only a few varieties I can reliably identify blind. Sauvignon Blanc is at the top of the list. Admittedly, […]