“The iPhone Photography Book”: A Review

The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their iPhone photography skills. Scott is an excellent photographer and has written many other photography books. He is also the President and CEO of KelbyOne, an online community of photographers anyone can join. We received this book as a sample for review from Pacific & Court.

The iPhone Photography Book is a comprehensive resource of almost 150 pages that covers just about anything you may want to do with your iPhone camera. It’s like having a professional photographer as a companion as you shoot photos. Don’t be intimidated by that description, though. Scott has a light, conversational and irreverent writing style making the book easy to read and understand.

iPhone book photo
The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby

The book starts off with just the essentials, which if that were all you read, will improve your skills substantially. Even the simple things like paying attention to how you hold your phone to more advanced tricks that will show you common things you may be doing or not doing that are hurting the quality of your photos.

As you go further through the book you will learn more advanced techniques for composition as well as posing and photographing people. The book then moves into travel and landscape and a lot more as you can see in the Table of Contents below. You can even learn how to take a backwards Pano if you are interested in that.

Chapter 1: iPhone Camera Essentials
Chapter 2: How to Compose Like a Pro
Chapter 3: Photographing People
Chapter 4: Posing People
Chapter 5: Travel & Landscape Photography
Chapter 6: Other Cool Stuff to Shoot
Chapter 7: iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Photo Library
Chapter 9: Editing Your Images
Chapter 10: Incredible Apps That Can Take Your Photos to the Next Level
Chapter 11: Awesome iPhone Accessories
Chapter 12: Photo Recipes

The author doesn’t just focus on composing and taking photos. There is a large section on editing, organizing and printing your photos too. Everything from basic editing to advance editing depending on your skill and interest level.

The best thing about The iPhone Photography Book is you don’t have to read it from start to finish. Just read the Essentials chapter and then jump to what is relevant to you that day. All the lessons are short and to the point. Not a lot of tedious theory.

The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby is available on Amazon and elsewhere. We received no compensation (beyond the book) for this review.



  1. Michelle Williams

    What did you learn specifically from the book that will impact your iPhone photos going forward?

    • I think “Night Mode” was the most important thing. I knew about it but really didn’t know how it worked. How to pose people was really useful too.

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