Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port

Cockburn’s  was founded in 1815 by brothers Robert and John Cockburn who were wine merchants in Leith near Edinburgh. The company continued to be run by family members well into into the twentieth century, during which time it earned a reputation for quality vintage port. Cockburn’s was sold to corporate interests in 1963, changed ownership several times after that and became focused more on the mass market than the best vintage ports. In 2010 the Symington family purchased Cockburn’s & Co. and have set about refocusing the company on fine wines.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port was introduced in 1969, and according to Jancis Robinson, Cockburn’s became the best-known name in Port because of this wine’s success. We received this wine as a tasting sample.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port photo
Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Portdark ruby in the glass with generous aromas of caramel, spice and rich, red and dark fruit. Warming flavors begin with cedar and lead to concentrated red and dark fruit with an element of dried fruit character. The rich fruit flavors are round and sweet with tannins that are smoothly integrated into a long, warming finish. 20% abv. SRP $20 

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port is sourced from vineyards in the Upper Douro and matured in oak casks for five years.

Port isn’t something we drink very often or in very large quantities. But there are those evenings, when the weather is cool or we have a taste for something sweet after dinner, that a glass of Port just hits the spot. Serve this Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port at room temperature, or slightly chilled (this can be particularly enjoyable on a warmish evening.) There is no need to decant this Port and it should remain good for up to four weeks after opening, so you can sip a little glass now and again without wasting wine.

For a more complete telling of Cockburn’s history, please see this detailed article written by Jancis Robinson.


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