Sweet Wines for Springtime

Several days of sunshine after a mostly soggy January and February have me thinking of springtime and that inevitably leads to what to drink for the warmer weather ahead. White wines come to mind and the usual assumption is probably dry white wines. This cellar note mixes things up a bit with our consideration of sweet wines for springtime. We received these wines as tasting samples.

I know sweet wines are not to every wine drinker’s liking but, even if sweet wines are not your personal preference, you undoubtedly have friends who enjoy sweet wines. And, who knows, you might want to try something different once in a while.

Luca Bosio Moscato dAsti
Luca Bosio Moscato dAsti

2017 Luca Bosio Moscato d’Asti DOCGpale yellow in the glass with mild effervescence and heady aromas of citrus blossom, ripe apricots and exotic spice. Candied flavors of citrus blossom, ripe orange and apricot finish with adequate acidity. The wine is round, fizzy (frizzante in Italian) and sweet. The finish is also sweet and very long-lasting with moderate acidity. 5.5% abv. SRP $17.99

This wine has appealing aromas and flavors. It’s hard to argue with bubbles, they are always most welcome, and the sweetness is pleasing. I’m left wishing for a bit more acidity, but even so it is enjoyable to sip. Serve well-chilled.

Moscato d’Asti is made using Moscato Bianco (Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains in France). Fermentation takes place under pressure, less pressure than for Spumante or Prosecco for example, so it is lightly fizzy. By law the alcohol level may be no more than 5.5% resulting in a light, aromatic and flavorful fizzy wine.

Bosio Family Estates is located in Langhe within the Piedmont region of northeastern Italy. Luca Bosio is the third generation of the Bosio family to continue the family’s heritage of growing grapes and making wine.

Tropical Mango Moscato NV
Tropical Mango Moscato NV

Bosio Tropical Mango Moscato NVpale yellow in the glass with mild effervescence and generous aromas of mango and very ripe cantaloupe. Sweet flavors of melon and mango along with a hint of citrus mingle with the soft effervescence. The finish is medium in length and sweet. 5.5% abv. SRP $17.99

The Tropical Moscato range of wines is part of the Bosio Family Estates stable of wines and is made in a manner similar to the Moscato d’Asti above to achieve the effervescence. Then, fruit pulp (10% natural mango, 2% natural passion fruit) is blended with the aromatic Moscato just before bottling. The sweetness comes from the grapes and the fruit pulp. It is lively, tropical and very refreshing. Once again, sip well-chilled.

Bosio Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato NV
Bosio Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato NV

Bosio Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato NVpale yellow in the glass with mild effervescence and generous aromas of passion fruit and citrus. The flavors follow the aromas and are sweet with citrus notes in the background. The soft effervescence lasts through the medium finish, which is sweet. 5.5 % abv. SRP $17.99

As with the Tropical Mango Moscato the flavors of Passion Fruit are up front and the flavors of Moscato play a supporting role. If you prefer the flavors of passion fruit over mango, choose this Tropical Moscato. Both are appealing. 5% tropical pulp is added to the Moscato wine. 

Both Tropical Moscatos are perfect for mixing a cocktail. If you’re in the mood to mix-up a tropical spritz, Tropical Moscato has some refreshing recipes for you.

Valentin Bianchi New Age White NV
Valentin Bianchi New Age White NV

Valentin Bianchi New Age White NVpale yellow in the glass with light effervescence, delicate floral and citrus zest aromas. Sweet flavors of white flowers and citrus zest along with citrusy acidity make for a bright, refreshing wine especially when poured over ice with a wedge of lime. 9% abv. SRP $12.99

This lightly-effervescent blend of 90% Torrontés and 10% Sauvignon Blanc is one in a range of New Age wines made by Argentine producer Bodega Valentin Bianchi. Fermentation is stopped at the halfway point leaving residual sugar in the wine. As with all of the wines in this group no sugar is added to make it sweet, it is sweet by virtue of remaining grape sugars.

Don’t be afraid to pour this wine over ice and add a wedge of lime, that’s how it is meant to be enjoyed. It is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy a very low alcohol drink made with wine. 

Bring on the warm weather.


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