Just Say Prosecco Please

I never need a reason (excuse) to enjoy a glass of bubbles. We often have a bottle open in our house, but I do admit to enjoying sparkling wine a little more often as the holidays approach. I’m betting I am not alone. Today we’re sharing a group of Prosecco from Mionetto that will serve you well throughout the holidays and beyond. We received these wines as tasting samples.

Why do I love Prosecco? Approachability, availability and affordability. Prosecco is easy sipping, with flavors that are generally floral and fruity and they’re very low in alcohol. Prosecco is available almost everywhere from the grocery store, to big-box liquor stores or wine shops. Prosecco is made in a range of styles and the cost of a bottle of Prosecco won’t break the bank. This group is a reflection of that range and includes Prosecco from Mionetto’s IL Collection, Prestige Collection and Luxury Collection.

The IL Collection

The “il” line is designed in a simple and direct manner to appeal to younger drinkers. The packaging is colorful and distinctive and the wines are lively and fun.

Mionetto IL Moscato Dolce and Mionetto IL Prosecco DOC

Mionetto IL Moscato Dolcepale yellow in the glass with generous bubbles and equally generous aromas of white flowers and tropical fruits. The flavors follow the aromas and are noticeably sweet. 8% abv. About $12

Mionetto IL Prosecco DOC pale yellow in the glass with generous bubbles. Aromas are lean and lead to citrusy flavors with notes of minerality and hints of almonds. Nice acidity keeps this sparkler lively. 11% abv. About $12

These two wines could not be more different. The IL Prosecco DOC is understated, minerally, and not noticeably sweet. The Moscato Dolce is sweet, as indicated on the label, and is boldly expressive. Both have their appeal.

Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection is a classic line with connections to the winery’s history. All have the distinctive oblique label that has been a characteristic of the winery.

Mionetto Prestige Prosecco Brut DOC Trevisopale yellow in the glass with generous bubbles and delicate aromas of pears. The flavors follow the aromas with pears, citrus and hints of toast on the finish. Bright and clean. 11% abv.  SRP $14 750ml/ $4 Mini 187ml)

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry pale rose in the glass with generous bubbles and light berry aromas. Flavors combine raspberries and strawberries with nice acidity. 11.5% abv. SRP $14 750ml / $4 Mini 187ml

Got a straw? These mini bottles are a fun option for any kind of gathering from holiday get-togethers to bridal/baby showers to Mother’s Day. The twist-off closure makes opening a breeze. The serving size is perfect for two if you just want a sip of bubbles before a meal or to relax with in the evening. 750ml bottles are perfect for a crowd.

Mionetto Prosecco DOC Made with Organically Grown Grapeslight golden in the glass with generous bubbles and aromas of ripe pears and earth. The flavors follow with ripe pears, citrus and earth along with bitter almond. 11% abv. SRP $14

This is the most expressive wine in terms of aromas and flavors in this group. The color is also considerably darker. Lovely wine and made with Organically Grown Grapes. What’s not to love about this wine? Also part of this collection is a Moscato Dolce.

The Luxury Collection

The two wines in the Luxury Collection represent Prosecco at the very top of the Prosecco quality pyramid: Prosecco Superiore DOCG. Both are made from Glera grapes grown on steep, hillside vineyards in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, an area including only 15 communes just north of Venice. Mionetto was founded in 1887 by Francesco Mionetto in the small village of Valdobbiadene.

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG Dry pale yellow in the glass with generous, fine bubbles. Aromas open with gravelly minerality and are followed with crisp, citrus flavors, minerals and ripe pears. The flavors are bright, concentrated and supported by lively acidity. The finish is very clean. 11% abv. SRP $45.

The Cartizze DOCG (Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG) is made using Glera grapes grown within a 107-hectare sub-zone of Conegliano Valdobbiadene called Cartizze. Cartizze represents the best of the best in Prosecco and the flavor difference is appreciable.

The second wine in the Luxury Collection is Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry.

Just by chance we recently discovered an informative episode of V is for Vino all about Prosecco. Before the episode is over Conegliano Valdobbiadene will be rolling of the end of your tongue.

Thanks to Mionetto for this taste of Prosecco.


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