‘IL’ Ugo : the name will make you smile and so will the flavor!

My first reaction to the name ‘IL’ Ugo was to giggle. I don’t know why, I just found it amusing. Then I got curious about the name? After doing a little reading, I discovered that ’IL’ Ugo is inspired by ‘the Hugo’, an elderflower sparkling wine cocktail made in northern Italy. Typically the cocktail is made with elderflower syrup and Prosecco. Add ice, sparkling mineral water and mint to complete the cocktail. Sounds refreshing.

Now I was really curious, having never tasted elderflower syrup, and had to give
’IL’ Ugo a try. After all, ‘IL’ Ugo, is produced by Mionetto, a well-known producer of Prosecco in the Veneto region of northern Italy. They produce a range of Prosecco including Treviso DOC and Valdobbiadene DOCG classified Prosecco. We received this bottle of ‘IL’ Ugo as a tasting sample.

After chilling the bottle completely and searching for our bottle opener to remove the crown cap (after all we usually PullThatCork), I poured a glass of the sparkling beverage.

‘IL’ Ugo‘IL’ Ugovery pale yellow in the glass with the light effervescence of a “frizzante” wine. The aromas are completely unfamiliar to me. They are a combination of white flowers and obvious green flower-stem aromas. Floral flavors, green herbal flavors combine with vague pear flavors. There is a delicate bitterness which balances the moderately sweet flavor of the beverage. ABV 8%.

Mionetto suggests the addition of ice and mint to the glass with ‘IL’ Ugo. That works too, the mint lending freshness to the drink as well as making it pretty.

I have to say, Mionetto have created a fun, delicious and refreshing sparkling wine cocktail. Is it a serious Prosecco? No, but it is not intended to be. It is intended to be fun and refreshing and ‘IL’ Ugo scores on both counts.

‘IL’ Ugo label dateAnd freshness counts too. You will find the back of the label on the neck of the bottle is dated.

Serve ‘IL’ Ugo when you want a glass of something cool and refreshing (and low in alcohol which is always a plus) on a warm afternoon. It will be a pleasing drink before a meal with appetizers. The frosted bottle is pretty to look at, imagine in an ice bucket on your table next time you entertain.

The name will make your guests curious and it will spark all kinds of conversation about elderflower syrup (it’s a popular ingredient in mixed drinks these days). And all of this for about $12 for 750ml bottle.

No extra charge for the smile it will put on your face.

Thanks to Creative Palate Communications who provided the sample for tasting.


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