Arizona Wine Tasting Trip Update

Over the next several weeks we will have several posts profiling the wineries we are visiting here in Southern Arizona. However, I just wanted to post a little update until we can get those written.

The last two days we spent in Willcox which appears to have some of the best vineyards in the state. There are several wineries in Willcox plus vineyards owned by or sourcing grapes for wineries in Sonoita and Northern Arizona. We visited wineries up at 5000 feet and down to 4100 feet. It was really interesting seeing the differences and hearing how the weather and harvest dates vary. We will go into a lot more detail in the winery profiles to come.

Today we drove to Sonoita and checked into the Xanadu Ranch GetAway, a hybrid B&B out of town a few miles. After unpacking we went out to a couple of wineries to tune-up our taste buds. Tomorrow we have four wineries scheduled, after an early morning hike in Patagonia, of course.

Dos Cabezas PinkRight now we are relaxing on the deck outside our bunkhouse room at Xanadu having a glass of Dos Cabezas Pink, a Grenache rosé. A nice complex rosé that will go well with our salami and cheese dinner. The weather is great, low 80’s, partly cloudy and we can see the Arizona monsoon rains coming down in the distance. So relaxing!


  1. What a gorgeous view! Now that looks like the perfect past time – can’t wait for the posts.

    • Thanks! We will be down here another week but may get a post started before we get home, or maybe not. Anyway, having a lot of fun and trying a lot of new to us wines.