Almost to Nepal

We are having breakfast in Delhi after what seems like two days of flying. In a few hours we will get on the plane to Kathmandu and shortly thereafter be in Nepal.

Last night our whole group got together for some refreshment before bed. There are ten of us traveling together from all over the USA including Hawaii.

Some had the local Kingfisher beer and some had wine made in India from locally grown grapes. We had a 2011 Sula Winery Cabernet/Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc. Both were pleasant though not overly complex wines. A pretty good effort for a young wine industry.

Sula Winery is located in Nashik about 200 kilometers from Mumbai in the southern part of India.

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  5. So, when do we get a Nepal update? Or have you both decided to become wine-abstaining monks?

  6. Good and wat did u pair these with?

  7. Wow! I’m glad you were slightly delayed considering other news from Nepal:
    I hope the rest of your trip goes well…