On The Way

We have made it as far as Canyonville tonight on our way to the Willamette Valley. Only one call from our house sitter but it was just to be sure there was enough paper in the printer for some things he wanted to print. We were planning on Mexican food but the restaurant had real mixed reviews so we decided to go to the Italian one instead. Sarafino’s had a great Greek pizza with tomatoes, garlic, olives feta cheese, olive oil and a yeasty crust. Along with it we had a couple of glasses of Straccali Chianti, vintage unknown. It was a typical inexpensive Chianti but it went well with the Pizza. Tomorrow we will have a leisurely breakfast and plan on being in Salem around the time the winery tasting rooms open. Cristom and Bethel Heights are the two we will try and then continue on to Dundee.


  1. That is great you are starting your trip too. It’s going to be interesting to read your posts. Tell us about any wineries that are particularly interesting, like historical buildings, etc. In the east you have such a longer history than we do. I need to learn how to post photos too as we will be taking pictures along the way.

  2. This sounds like a fun trip. I almost feel like I’m there with you. I start my Connecticut wineries trip #1 tomorrow but will take me through October to finish the 30 wineries. Roughly 4 per month. I’ll be awaiting your tasting notes from the wineries you visit.