GSM Wines From Around the World

GSM wines were the subject of our Thursday night tasting this week. GSM stands for Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, the blend used in many southern Rhone wines. Our tasks for the evening were to choose our favorite wine and see if we could pick-out the predominant grape (G,S or M) in each wine. Alan presented the tasting and gave us a list of the wines we were tasting for the evening. There were two French, two Australian, one Spanish and one California wine. Wines were tasted blind. Gail #Two prepared many tasty nibbles as well as her famous and wonderful chocolate chip cookies!

2007 Domaine Andre Brunel Cuvee Sommelongue – The color was medium ruby with a big nose of earthy scents, dark fruit and vanilla. Flavors followed with dark fruit, vanilla and leather. Tannins were moderate in amount with a hot finish.

2007 Font du Vent Les Promesses Cotes du Rhone -This wines color was ruby with a minimal nose of dark fruit. Flavors of dark fruit and pepper were subdued compared to the first wine. The tannins were significant and very grippy. The wine had a light mouth feel and the finish was long with tannins predominating. This was our favorite.

2007 Panarroz (Jumilla, Spain) – The color was very dark ruby. The nose had scents of very ripe dark fruit. The flavors tasted of dark fruit with grippy tannins and a hot finish. Tasters commented this wine tasted like a new world style because of the ripeness of the fruit.

2007 Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee – This California GSM’s color was ruby with strawberries on the nose. Flavors of strawberries, pepper and spice accompanied a moderate amount of tannins with a long finish of tannins and fruit. The finish seemed less hot (alcoholic) than most.

2008 Langmeil Barossa Three Gardens – The color of this Australian wine was dark ruby with a slightly stinky nose. The flavors tasted of over ripe dark fruit and slight smoke. The tannins were smoother with good acid and a finish that was moderate in length finishing with flavor and tannins. This wine also had a very hot finish and tasted like a new world style.

2006 Yalumba MGS 2006 – Yes MGS to indicated there is more Mourvedre and Grenache than Syrah. Another Australian wine that had a dark ruby color with a concentrated, ripe fruit (raisin like) nose. Flavors of dark fruit with moderate, less grippy tannins and good acid. The finish was moderate in length and finished with flavors and tannins. This was the group favorite.

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