Crab Enchilada Redux

We went back to Cowboy Ciao here in Scottsdale for dinner again. Nancy wanted the Dungeness Crab Enchiladas again and I wanted to try the Seared Scallops with Beet Risotto. We had decided ahead of time we would like to try a dry Riesling along with them and see how it paired. As I was looking through their wine list I really didn’t see what I was looking for. Our server, Mark, said he would go check with the sommelier and see what he had in the cellar. He came back with two wines, both 1998 Riesling. We decided to go with the 1998 Georg Brueur Riesling Montosa from the Rheingau.

Neither of us has a lot of experience with Riesling, especially ones that have been aging awhile so we weren’t sure what to expect. With some whites they get to be a darker yellow and pick up some nuttiness or similar flavors. This wine was very fresh, had the typical Riesling nose of petrol and honey. Flavors of petrol, honey and citrus and good acidity. It turned out to be an excellent wine. It also paired well with the crab and the scallops so a good choice over all. Thanks Mark!

And of course, the crab enchiladas and the scallops were really excellent along with the out of this world White Chocolate Blondie we had for desert.


  1. It’s too bad you are allergic to seafood. I’m allergic to shrimp and lobster, crustaceans with tails, I can eat crab and everything else. Actually I’m only allergic to some species of shrimp, but how do you tell the difference 🙂

    We are back home now so thankfully it’s a three day weekend so we can recover from our vacation. I’m glad you enjoy our writing. You need to do a Wine Wherever for Arizona now. There are some interesting stories behind a lot of the wineries there.

  2. Yum! I’m allergic to shellfish and most forms of seafood, so I’m enjoying this through you two! Travel safely.