2010 Empty Nest Syrah

You have probably never heard of Empty Nest and you won’t find it in stores anywhere either. My youngest sister makes her own wine at home. She buys juice and has a stainless steel tank about four feet tall in her living room. This is her second year making wine and she is doing a Syrah this time. I am putting a review of her wine here so next year when I open a bottle I can compare it to when it was first bottled. I actually tasted this back in December.

The wine was a medium ruby color with a big nose of dark fruit and smoke. There is 20% Cabernet Franc and you pick up some green pepper flavor from that along with smokey bacon fat and a hint of vanilla. The tannins were were light for such a young wine and there was good acidity. The finish was on the short to medium side with some bacon fat.

Overall a good effort and I am real interested to see what is like when I try it again at the end of the year.


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    • I have heard they make wine in India but have never run across any. I may have to try to find some here and have a tasting. It’s so nice that the love of wine is world wide.

  2. Why of course I’ve heard of Empty Nest—I spilled a lot of it on my pants while we were bottling. We have opened a few of the bottles, and it’s interesting to see its evolution over even a short time. I hear you on the bacon fat and raise you some burnt raisins. I think that genie should stay in the bottle a bit longer, and it will get a bit deeper-chested. We’ll see…