2009 Finca Lalande Malbec Tupungato Valley

The 2009 Finca Lalande Malbec is a very dark ruby color. In the nose I initially smelled wood, not oak, just like a plain piece of wood. Now that it has sat a few minutes it smells stinky or musty. I hope it isn’t corked. Dark fruit flavor, a little candy like. Moderate integrated tannins and good enough acidity. The finish is fairly long with flavor and tannins.

After having some cheese and cold cuts with the wine the oak shows more in the flavor as the tannins are smoothed out. So it is a reasonably nice wine. Not great but not a fruit bomb or oak bomb so that is a positive. ($16.99 – 14.5 alc)


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  2. I found this wine quite tasty. It is smooth but a little peppery. It went quite well with a T-bone steak. I am delighted with this wine.