2004 Moon Mountain Estate Grown Cabernet Franc

2004 Moon Mountain Estate Grown Cabernet Franc Sonoma County – Very dark garnet color. The nose is big with fruit and leather. There are big tannins and good acid. Leather, tobacco, dark fruit in the mouth. There was also a fair amount of oak. The finish was of moderate length. I really liked this wine when we bought it a couple of years ago. I still like it but I think I’ll wait another couple of years to open another. It seems part way between being a young wine and an older wine and I want it to complete that transition.


  1. It will be interesting to go back to this post in a couple of years when I open my other bottle. I think it goes for $22 – $28 a bottle now if you find it.

  2. From your description this sounds like a wine worth waiting for. I’ll have to see if my wine merchant can get this. Don’t you just love wine blogs, there’s so much information. Keep the reviews coming.