1988 Chateau Margaux

Recently we had the opportunity to taste a 1988 Chateau Margaux. This wine was absolutely great! The color was still a dark garnet with a very forward nose of dark fruit and other scents I cant describe. The flavors were black pepper, fruit, cardamom and nutmeg. The tannins were very smooth and well integrated with a long finish. When you taste a wine like this you really see what aging a good Bordeaux is all about. It is so wonderful to taste complexity and elegance in a wine.


  1. Actually I am looking at the new Lamborghini Aventador. 700 horse power and 0-60 in 2.9 seconds! I feel a mid life crisis coming on 🙂

  2. What? Now you’re tasting ’88 Chateau Margaux? How will you ever be able to return the humble Pinots and Malbecs of yesteryear?

    Nancy, watch out if he starts looking at Ferrari catalogs…