Wine Pairing


The Prosecco Lunch – It Should be ‘A Thing’

Few things make me as happy as a glass of bubbly. Bubbles are beautiful in the glass and I love that explosive sensation once I take a sip. Often we think of bubbles as a celebratory beverage, and certainly bubbles can make any occasion a celebration, but it isn’t necessary to wait for a celebration to enjoy a glass of bubbly. An enjoyable Prosecco we recently received as a tasting sample proved just that point.


Wines for Any Season from Ferraton Père et Fils

Ever have one of those evenings when you just don’t feel very decisive about the type of wine you want to drink? When the weather is very warm my choice is easy: white wine or rosé. As the weather cools I’m all in for red wines. It is during the in-between seasons that I feel most indecisive. I’m not ready to give up on white wine and rosé, but it may be too warm for a heavy red wine.


Urban Riesling: A White Wine to Take You Beyond Summer

The Labor Day has come and gone signaling the end of summertime. Some will have their white clothes safely stored for next summer. Many more of us will continue to wear our white clothing year-round flaunting the rules just like Coco Chanel. Happily there is no such rule prohibiting the enjoyment of white wine year-round. If that were the case I would ignore that rule as well.