Wild Boar and Cahors

We went to Cowboy Ciao for dinner last night. We wanted a small meal and something to enjoy some wine with. I decided on the wild boar meatballs and Nancy wanted the crab enchilada. Now we started looking at the wine list. At Cowboy Ciao they have 2000 to 2500 selections at any time. With that many wines to choose from it can take awhile to find what you want. Especially since they are only arranged by red and white, not regional or anything else.

As I perused the list I was thinking a Cahors (French Malbec) would go well with the wild boar. I wasn’t seeing one so I asked our server to check with the owner if there was one on the list. There was! Just one, however, a 2007 Clos Siguier. I have had this wine a couple of times before and I felt it might be a little light for pairing with the wild boar but I decided to go ahead and try it anyway. I would have preferred a Chateau Chambert or Chateau La Caminade, they are a little bigger wines.

It turned out the Clos Siguier went fine with the wild boar, the combination really brought out the iron and minerality you get in a Cahors from the top of the plateau. The wild boar meatballs were really good, too. Smokey, meaty flavor with just a touch of heat. They were set in a sauce of Montasio cheese with charred brocollini, salsify, chanterelles, truffle oil and cream.

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