Tawny Port Comparison

I was drinking a Taylor Fladgate 10 year old Tawny Porto and saw in the local wine shop an Australian “Tawny” and decided to see how they compared. I did expect a difference since the Taylor Fladgate is a true port while the Seppeltsfield is a Grenache, Syrah blend aged like a tawny port.

The Taylor Fladgate was a dark tawny color with a slight ruby accent. The nose has light aromas of aged wood, raisons and rum. There was a nice nutty flavor with raisons, prunes and aged wood. The tannins were light and smooth with good acidity to balance them. The first sip was a little hot (20% alc) but after that is very nice with a clean long finish.

The Seppeltsfield cellar No. 7 Tawny from South Australia had a light pleasant nose I can’t really describe. Something I have smelled before but I can’t put a name to it. The nose carries over into the flavor. I think it is the Grenache I am tasting the most. Very smooth tannins with enough acid to give a clean long finish with just a touch of heat from the alcohol (18% alc). There isn’t as much depth of flavor and complexity as a true tawny port, kind of tawny port light. A very pleasant wine to drink, however, just not as complex.

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