2004 Latour Chambert Cahors

More Cahors. We had a couple of bottles of Cahors wines that we didn’t have in the tasting last Thursday so we decided we will try them while the others are fresh in our minds. Last night we had the 2004 Latour Chambert Cahors. This is the third wine of Chateau Chambert and was made by the previous owner. The color was a dark garnet, just a touch of brick on the edges. There was a big nose of red fruit with a slight vegetal background, very nice. The flavor was dark fruit, spice and a medley of berries. There were moderate, well integrated tannins with a lot of acid. The finish was long with flavor and tannins.

Our overall impression was that the weight of the wine fell between the Clos Siquier and the Chateau Chambert from the Thursday night tasting. A very nice wine on its own and with food.

The wine is 71% Malbec, 20% merlot and 9% Tannat (13% alc.) I had planned on decanting the wine for a couple of hours as the label recommended 3 – 4 hours. I forgot, but it was very drinkable immediately. We really didn’t see any changes either as the evening went on.

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