Dinner with Acacia

We had our weekly dinner with Dave on Tuesday this week. Nancy made spaetzle with some sausage on the side. She also roasted some beets and cooked the greens. I don’t care for the beets but I will eat the greens while both Nancy and Dave like the beets, too. To accompany the meal I chose an 2006 Acacia Pinot Noir from the Beckstoffer Las Amigas vineyard in Carneros. It’s a little cooler in Carneros and is a better place to grow Pinot Noir than in the main Napa Valley.

The wine was a medium garnet, a little darker than a lot of Pinot Noir. It had the typical Pinot nose, some cherries, a little earthy. The flavors fallowed the nose with the same cherries and earthiness. The tannins were moderate and smooth and there was plenty of acid. There was a lot of flavor in this light bodied wine and a moderate length finish with a little heat (14.9% alc). This is a good wine with food due to the amount of flavor and good amount of acid.

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