Another weekend gone.

Another weekend is drawing to a close. It was very relaxing. I did some yard work and other general late spring cleanup. It seems like I never feel like doing any spring cleaning until late in the summer 🙂 I did have one of my favorite, maybe absolute favorite white wines this weekend. We usually have white wines when it’s hot and red wines when the weather is cooler. We had a 2008 Provenance Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc. It has a nice citrus nose, with a lot of citrus, melon and honey in the flavor. This is a very crisp, high acid wine with a long finish. Nancy gets a little bitterness on the finish but I don’t. I actually prefer it near room temperature so you can get all of the complexity out of it. Provenance also does a reserve version (at least some years) with some oak on it but I really don’t care for it as much. Tom Rinaldi, the winemaker, does a great job on this wine. I have to say I also like his Rutherford Red Cabernet very much, too. Our friend Dave is coming over for dinner tomorrow night, we will have to see what he brings to try. Grilled pork chops are on the menu so hopefully the wine will go well with them.

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