2006 Campo Viejo Crianza Rioja

What is a Crianza anyway? I think I’ll start another section where I’ll put definitions as I go along. While I generally know what Crianza means I’ll list the exact definition so I’ll remember better and others will learn more easily.

Anyway, back the the Rioja. This is made fro the Tempranillo grape and comes from Spain. It was also a staff pick at K&L Wines in San Francisco. The wine had a medium ruby color with a smokey nose with a little bit of red fruit. There was a light mouthfeel with an earthy flavor with good acid and very light tannins. With food (enchiladas with a red sauce), the flavor turned more herbal and cedar like. Definitely was better with food. There was a medium finish with the herbal flavor.

We didn’t finish this the first night so we tasted it again after it sat overnight. I did pump the air out so there was less oxygen than if it had been left with just a cork. The wine was smoother and had actually improved when drank without food. So we probably should have decanted it or kept it for a couple of more years. Overall, a fairly nice wine for $10.

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