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Happy New Year from PullThatCork!

We had a pretty quiet new years eve. Just the two of us. Sometimes we throw a small dinner party, or attend one, but this year we just felt like taking it easy. Nancy made Marie-Helene’s apple cake from the our new French cookbook. It was so good we decided to just have it for dinner. Also, we had made […]

The Last Monday Food and Wine Dinner for 2010

For our final Monday night dinner of the year, Nancy made some pork chops baked on a bed of cabbage and apples. We went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and choose what was in season (cabbage, apples, onions and red potatoes). Nancy sauteed chopped onions, garlic, apples and shredded cabbage, then baked the pork chops on top of the […]

Christmas Festivities and Wine

We started off the Christmas weekend by visiting Nancy’s mom in Modesto on Christmas eve. We did not have any wine there but we still had a very nice time visiting. We had a crab salad Nancy made for lunch and then a pumpkin pie for dessert she had also made. Later that evening when we were home, we made […]

Monday Night Mencia

We recently bought a new French cookbook, “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan and have been trying various recipes so decided we would use it for our Monday night dinner with Dave. Nancy used two recipes from it, chicken, apples and cream a la normande and herb speckled spaetzle. Both were excellent and went well together. Dave brought over […]

2002 Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon

This Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon has a very dark garnet color after aging in our cellar for a few years. The nose was light with dark fruit and a hint of vegetal. The flavor was dark fruit, leather and a hint of vanilla with moderate tannins and acidity. The wine had a medium body and a moderate length finish. We also […]

Happy Birthday to Dave!

We celebrated Dave’s birthday Monday night with wine and dinner. George and Gail joined us for the evening. We started the evening with “nibblins” that Gail brought. She prepared sausage stuffed mushrooms and also brought Brie and crackers. They paired these “horses ovaries”, as George put it, with a sparkler, which George made us think about critically, as he does […]