Cellar Notes

Locations I4 Italian Red Wine

Locations I4 – Italian Red Wine

The Locations I4 – Italian Red Wine is yet another example of winemaker Dave Phinney’s skill as a blender. With this wine he has chosen to blend grape varieties from southern and northern Italy. Negroamaro and Nero d’Avola are sourced from vineyards in Italy’s southern region, Puglia. Both varieties are known for their tannin structure, dark fruit flavors and body. Barbera, from Alba in Italy’s Piedmont region, was chosen for its acidity and lighter tannins. The result is this delightful red wine that, in true Italian fashion, will accompany a meal in style.

2013 Prie Vineyards Petit Verdot Featured

PRIE Vineyards Petit Verdot: A Lovely Lodi Interpretation

It is possible to enjoy wine on many levels. Some of us are happy to open a bottle of wine and simply enjoy the flavors. Others also dive into wine regions, grape varieties and winemaking techniques. Even fewer have the passion for actually making wine. Such is the case for Lisa and John Gash whose home winemaking experience led them to make wine on a commercial basis in 2010 and to establish PRIE Vineyards & Winery in Lodi.

Adler Fels Wines

Adler Fels Chardonnay & Pinot Noir: Making a Case for Blending Between Wine Regions

When I think of a blended wine, I think first of a wine made by blending different varieties, as in a Bordeaux or in a Rhône-style wine. Blending multiple varieties allows for greater complexity and balance in the finished wine. Blending of vintages, as in the production of a non-vintage Champagne or sparkling wine, allows for consistency from year-to-year…a house style. But, it is also possible to blend wines of the same variety from different regions to produce wines of balance and elegance. This is the tack taken by negotiant winery Adler Fels, established in 1979, with great success in the two wines we tasted.

Luxury Wines from Bodegas Salentein

This is the third group of wines from Salentein we have had the pleasure to review. In all, we have tasted nine wines produced by Bodegas Salentein from their high-elevation vineyards in Argentina’s Valle de Uco. This last group of wines is from their Luxury Range of wines. We have saved the best for last!